We call this Octorope Flowzilla.

It's arguably the best way to relieve stress. 
No wonder why it's loved by high performers worldwide. 
  • Slam, spin & calm your mind. The most durable exercise rope in the market.

  • Feel more energized and efficient in your movement
  • Gets you into a state of flow & euphoria

  • Best for slamming hardcore style workouts

  • Free online training modules included!


  • Quality materials that feels amazing

  • Handmade with attention to details

  • Free EU Shipping (2 - 5 business days)

  • Full Training Program Included!


The Cadillac of Ropes!  I’ve been rolling ropes for a few years now and I have to say the Flowzilla is the Cadillac of ropes!! I just love the weight and the way it zips thru the air. It’s a nice addition to my rope collection. Definitely need to get me another one! So I have one for work and one at home!

Domenick Sgambelluri

Active Athlete

Finding the FLOW! The Flowzilla is the best rope I've come across yet, balancing weight and feel effortless. This rope is a work of art, and I will definitely be adding more Octomoves ropes to my collection.

Marc Stock

Satisfied Customer




OctoRope maintains and increases range of motion in the arms, shoulders, and spine.Rope flow utilizes body mechanics in which we normally do not engage. OctoRope lubricates the joints in the all body, and keeps them from getting creaky as we age!



So overwhelmed with work you can barely think straight? 5 minutes of spinning will bring you more clarity and focus in your day-to-day. One of the quickest & easiest ways to stay present.


Going to the gym is fun. Going for a run is fun. But sometimes there's not enough time in the day. Rolling the rope doesn't require you to leave the house and waste your time. Roll it wherever and whenever. You get to choose.


  • Experience An Increase In Balance, Flexibility & Body Fluidity

  • Relieve Stress, Calm The Mind & Enter Into A State Of Flow

  • Designed To Enhance Mobility & Open Up ‘Locked’ Shoulders
  • Also Known As The Insanely Beneficial Cardio Substitute


Founded a by a fitness trainer, movement instructor & surf coach. Inspired to make exercise available to anyone and anywhere. Spreading health related ideas is the game.


Flowzilla OctoRope

+ Training Modules

+ Free EU Shipping

Blow off steam. Get into your flow state.

  • Quality materials that feels amazing

  • Handmade with attention to details

  • Free EU Shipping (2 - 5 business days)

  • Full Training Program Included!


Customer Reviews

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Annie Schroeder

Universal flow rope + monthly subscription

Alex Milewski
Flow rope is awesome!!!

I have been a dancer, movement addict and trainer for most of my life. I rarely discover new “tools” that I use and recommend to my clients. My flow rope has become a staple in my training and coaching, and I highly recommend it. Not only is rope flow itself an awesome warm up and game, but the rope can be used for SO MANY other things: hanging and stretching are obvious favorites for me.

Monica Gheorghe

Fast & Easy

GOA 1946

Auch wenn ich noch nicht richtig mit dem Training begonnen habe, die ersten Übungen haben schon richtig spaß gemacht.
Tolles Gerät.

Cindy H


Erin Larkin
Damaged Box but Perfect Rope

I was excited to take advantage of the “damaged packaging” sale to try my first Octorope. The outer box to get it to me was carefully done, and the “damage” to the actual product box was no problem—the rope itself was in perfect shape, came with its own carry bag, and had a link to basic instructional videos to start off. I’m enjoying the app and videos, and have done my first couple sessions. It’s definitely hard work, but very fun. I love when a move finally “clicks,” and you can incorporate it into other moves.


You won't find ropes like these anywhere else.

Manufactured and assembled by hand in Europe. Made from a special kind of naval rope that weighs almost half a kilo. The heaviest rope of its kind in the market. You can literally tow a truck with this rope. No, make that 2 trucks.

Having a heavy rope is important because it allows for our body to work at its maximum capacity. And having a very durable rope means you can do whatever you want with it without searching for a new one in a week.

One of the Most Versatile Training tools out there.Can't say enough good things about the rope. A simple and portable tool with massive potential for variability. This will easily keep an athlete of any level occupied for a long time. I have been training with the rope now for a few months and it's one of the tools I use the most often these days. The training itself is gentle on the body, so it can be used as a warmup, skill training in between workout sets, active recovery, cardio, etc. The movements are fun and super addicting once you get the hang of it, plus the movements carry over to many other physical disciplines. The rope itself is very high quality and durable material will definitely last for a long time.

Yuri Marmerstein

Acrobat and Movement Teacher

Octothrilla. When I first received my Flowzilla, I immediately noticed the quality of the workmanship in the rope itself. After trying out the basics and noticed the next day, new muscles were complaining. Not just around the upper body. Right now, this is my go-to when starting the day. It's so easy to carry around and throw in a few moves. I named this Flow Rope, "Tora Nawa" (Tiger Rope).

James McMullin

Active Athleate

Flowzilla OctoRope

+ Training Modules

+ Free EU Shipping

Blow off steam. Get into your flow state.

  • Quality materials that feels amazing

  • Handmade with attention to details

  • Free EU Shipping (2 - 5 business days)

  • Full Training Program Included!



Does OctoRope size fit all?

Yes. Our OctoRopes are 9ft (270cm) in length. We highly recommend to play with lengths of rope by tying knots. The recommended length is when you stand on a rope with both legs and pull rope on sides, handles touch ribs or handles the bottom part is even with your hip. Any shorter rope is considered advanced length. Different lengths will teach you different things.

What is the difference between OctoRopes?

Phoenix and Black Swan V2 are the heaviest ropes, weighting 480g and has looser braid which creates stronger tension lines. FlowZilla is braided tighter and cuts air smoother and faster, also, it "forgives" mistakes easier. All these are very athletic style ropes. Funky Zen is lightest rope and gives you super playful vibe and encourages you to explore and have fun. You can start with any rope, but think about it as you choose your "weapon" to master it.

How do I tie knots to shorten OctoRope?

We suggest you to tie knots around 10cm away from handles. Simple knot will shorten OctoRope by 15cm, Figure 8 knot by 18cm (Pass the tail over itself to form a loop. Continue under and around the standing end. Complete the knot by passing the tail down through the loop.) https://www.animatedknots.com/figure-8-knot

How to clean?

This product is machine washable. Don't use harsh detergents. Hang or air dry only. 

Can I use a simple rope I have at home?

Yes and no. Think of your rope as a car. Do you want to ride in a beat-down, unsafe, stinky and uncomfortable piece of junk or a Rolls-Royce? OctoRopes are the highest quality, heaviest and in every way the most superior of it's kind, hence, they feel the best.  

What are the suggested ceiling heights for rope rolling?  

If you're rope flowing indoors, please be aware of overhead clearance height. Avoid lights, sprinklers, or other fixtures that may be struck when rolling. Most flowers prefer a minimum of 9' (2.75m) of vertical clearance. Or just look at this restriction to search for creative solutions. There’s always a way to roll your rope.

How long does it take to learn rope flow?

It will vary from each individual. We have people who learned with our coach live all four fundamental patterns in and hour, but also there’s people who need more time. We recommend not to rush through training modules and watch it more than one time. Don’t skip steps and use audible cues. In fact, the longer it takes you to learn, the more you are exercising your mind!

How do I contact you with a question?

We're available via e-mail, phone, and social media. Visit the contact page for details.  

30 day money-back guarantee

Our training ropes are backed by a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for ANY REASON, we will do WHATEVER it takes to make it right.


Get your Flowzilla before it's gone!

  • Quality materials that feels amazing

  • Handmade with attention to details

  • Free EU Shipping (2 - 5 business days)

  • Full Training Program Included!