Engage tight muscles to relieve stiffness and pain

✓ 1.1 lbs; 0.50” thick

✓ Free online training to kick start your flow routine (worth $99) 

✓ Free delivery (2-5 business days)*

✓ 30-day money-back guarantee 


Made Of Sturdy Nautical Material That Flows Smoothly With You

You can’t flow with a regular rope. Why? Because it gets stuck or caught up on itself. That’s why our rope is made of thick nautical material for air drag resistance that allows you to flow.

“Everything about it says premium quality: the packaging, the bag, and of course the rope. It has a nice tight weave, it’s smooth, and it has a nice feel in your hands and as it moves around your body. It’s heavy enough to move slowly, but it springs to life and can take all you’ve got when you want to amp up the intensity and speed. It cuts through the air like a sharp knife and makes a cool sound as it flies. If you’re looking for the best rope, Octomoves is the one to buy.”

Michael M


How To Kick Start Your Flow Routine

From adjusting your rope length to breaking through your first move and beyond, we take you step-by-step on how to shortcut the learning curve of your flow routine.

Level 0

How To Adjust Length And Get A Grip Of Your Rope

All of our ropes come in one size. But with a single knot, you’ll see how to make it fit you just right

Discover how to move with and around your rope using Cardinal Laws Technique 

Level 1

How To Break Through Your First Flow

Experience your first flow by connecting two simple moves -- the Underhand and Overhand Figure 8

Plus have a blast by experimenting with the Propeller, Circumnavigation, and more.

Level 2

How To Relieve Stiffness And Pain

Open your shoulders, chest, and hips with the Overhand Matador, and Dragon Roll flows

See how to relieve pain, stiffness, and correct posture by engaging tense muscles 

Level 3

How To Burn Calories And Build Muscle

Get your body into a calorie-burning mode with the Cheetah’s Tale move

How to turn flow moves into a strength training session to build muscle and get fit

“It wasn't until many unsuccessful attempts to learn rope movements from YouTube that I decided to try Octomoves. I began to see results immediately. Rokas breaks the learning process down into small building steps. He explains very clearly how (and why) each step is done with tips on how to practice effectively. Rokas makes the learning process fun. Highly recommend it.”

Steve Swigart

Try For 30 Days Without Risk 

If you don’t love your flow rope for whatever reason, we’ll make it right. Shoot one email to hey@octomoves.com and we’ll send you a new rope at zero cost -- or give you a full refund, whichever you prefer. 


Engage tight muscles to relieve stiffness and pain

✓ 1.1 lbs; 0.50” thick

✓ Free online training to kick start your flow routine (worth $99) 

✓ Free delivery (2-5 business days)*

✓ 30-day money-back guarantee 

Customer Reviews

Based on 661 reviews
Susanne Roberts
Black Swan

Purchased Black Swan as a second rope to the lighter Phoenix. Love them both, great to switch between the two for variety.

satori is love!

such a good buy, no regrets! just like my phoenix- material and flow feedback is amazing. Next in line :

Nath James
Great Quality Product

So excited to have had this turn up in the mail (much sooner than expected).
I’m working through the 30 day course I also purchased and enjoying learning new moves and mastering them.

Kim Verhoeff
Happy with my rope

Love the rope I recieved, works a lot beter than the normal rope I startet with.

Susanne Roberts
Loving this rope & the course makes it even better (Satori)

You just can't help getting addicted straight away. The course is vital I think, because it's like having a Personal Trainer. Explanations are clear and easy to follow. I thought the rope was too light at first, until the course teaches you to challenge yourself. I'm a 55 year young female and it feels great & gentle on joints. I also love that it's bringing me outside more. I'm telling everyone about it!

Marialuisa Imperlino
Rope Satori Flow

Excellent rope, allows fluid movements