• Feeling overwhelmed while researching healthy tips and different workouts?

  • Suffered from an injury and think that there is no way to be active again?

  • Craving motivation? Feeling Mondays pass you by while nothing changes? 

You need a path to success. That's why we're here for.

We know the grind of starting out, of having a spark that tomorrow everything will change. That's why we - Octomoves developed a full of tips and trainings app. To make you feel heard, active and guide you through this path. Every change can start now. 


Access courses to learn new techniques, rope flows, and concepts directly from the founders and leading experts


Get direct feedback from advanced Octomoves Coaches on your rope flows and form.


Engage in deep, meaningful conversations with other like-minded people around the globe. 


At Octomoves we care about you

Quick app overview

App content: 10+ rope flowing courses - get to know rope flowing, give yourself more challenge, add new activity to your daily workout. Complete the course at your own pace with forever-access to all materials.

Feedback: We'll guide you all the way through. Get direct feedback from advanced Octomoves Coaches on your rope flows and form

Community: Engage in deep, meaningful conversations with other like-minded humans around the globe. Ask questions, find friends or rope flowing partners. 

We unite globally to rapidly develop our rope skills, connect with one another deeply, and grow exponentially. Octomoves is right for you if:

  • You are looking for more fun and challenging ways to improve your well-being. 

  • You had and injury and want to feel better as soon as possible. 

  • You want to find like-minded people, ask questions, share your journey,
    get guidance and help others. 

  • You are insecure and just want to try? We love to have here too! 

Life after Octomoves app courses:

  • Stronger mind and body. You noticed that your interest in active lifestyle increased. 

  • You are working on your physical heath and learn how to overcome challenges. 
    Improved cardio heath, coordination, metabolism and much more. 

  • You felt the fun of rope flowing. Maybe even use it as a way to meditate? 

  • You became a part of a huge and supportive community. You started to give
    tips for others, attend group sessions and share your journey.