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HURRY! Your special offer expires soon

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Flow Rope Only

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$59.99 billed for 12 month training program


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Feeling worried about learning? DON'T

With Octomoves App & 5k+ fast-growing community in it, you will learn in a fast and fun way!

  • 6 main courses (beginner to advanced)
  • 4 courses for our rope add-ons
  • Community sharing, help & comments
  • Slow motion videos
  • Follow along
  • Q&A sessions
  • Live sessions
Life before you start using Octomoves
  • Struggling to lose weight
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  • Weak and flabby body
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We know for a fact your body will say thank you.

Numbers speak for themselves - almost every customer noticed an improvement in their overall body and mind health!


of customers started to use it as a tool for daily meditation.


of customers noticed that their mobility and coordination improved.


of customers felt an overall health improvement after starting their rope flow journey.

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Greg Jones
1 review
6 days ago
Novel approach to motion and fitness

The underlying idea behind this product is novel compared to most other fitness products that are being marketed heavily on the internet. I was intrigued and remain intrigued now that I have a rope and have started using the instructional app. The detail included in the program is worth the cost to me and I believe that most individuals would be able to appreciate how easily "flow" can fit into an overall fitness program. Customer service was outstanding when I had a small problem.

Daniel Kalmann
1 review
Jul 7, 2022
68 year old fit man loves it!

As an in very good shape 68 year old dad of young (19, 11, 5) kids, I work hard to obtain good health, strength, through perseverance, functional fitness and mobility. The Swan fits right into that alley. I have a judo related shoulder injury, and flowing is helping me to slowly regain my mobility and strength back.

Bipin Shah
14 review
Nov 3, 2021
I find octomoves very useful in my exercise routine. Don’t need a trainer

I find octomoves very useful in exercising. The only small quibble would be the price. They should offer good deals every so often.
I am telling my friends and family all about Octomoves.

Katie Langrock
1 review
4 days ago
I bought Octomoves as an easy way to…

I bought Octomoves as an easy way to get some cardio when challenged to get outside. I am enjoying learning the different flows and notice how my shoulder flexibility is increasing. The movements are fun and something I look forward to doing!

Tina Scheuller
1 review
6 days ago
Satisfied new customer

I recently received my Octomoves products, which came nicely packaged and which are all of good quality. The ropes have a nice feel in the hand and a heft that flows well without being too heavy. When I emailed with a customer service question, their responses were quick, thorough, and friendly. I'm very pleased as a new customer!

3 reviews
Oct 2, 2021
Fast delivery

Fast delivery! The rope is of good quality. I 'm also happy with the free content on YouTube. When you know a few of the basic moves, you can start flowing. I like that a lot!

Matt Grebovsky
Justin Yee
Amy Wolff

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to learn rope flow?

The time to learn rope flow will vary for each individual.

If you are a fast learner, you might be able to get a grasp, of all patterns, in an hour. Some people might need way more time than that, and this is okay. It's not about the speed – it is about the opportunity to practice.

Don’t skip steps, and use audible cues. In fact, the longer it takes you to learn, the more you exercise your mind!

How to clean the ropes

This product is machine washable. Don't use harsh detergents. Hang or air dry only.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do!

Do you use eco-friendly packaging?

Of course! We use recycled paper boxes for packaging to leave the smallest amount of carbon footprint as possible.

Refund policy

You can find our refund policy following this link: https://www.octomoves.com/policies/refund-policy

HURRY! Your special offer expires soon

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