Unlock new moves, blow up your muscle power, and challenge yourself to level up your flow routine.

✓ 1 lbs (+Rope ±1lbs)

✓ Free delivery from $65 (2-5 business days)*

✓ 30-day money-back guarantee 


Challenge yourself to be the best you can be

Strap OctoForce on your flow rope to discover new moves that will help blow up your muscle power, coordination, speed, and stamina – more than ever before

“A force to be reckoned with. Do not get fooled by the 0.5kg weight bag. it’s small and light in hands but when added to rope it’s mighty and heavy to wield. I absolutely love the idea of adding weights to rope flow, it’s a great combination of strength and cardio. Once you start flowing, it allows you to get creative and explore different patterns. On the whole it adds intensity to your flow.”

Ranjani Sivaraj


How To Kick Start Your OctoForce Practice

From adjusting your rope length to breaking through your first move and beyond, we take you step-by-step on how to shortcut the learning curve of your flow routine.

Level 0

How To Adjust Length And Get A Grip Of OctoForce

Set up OctoForce and start learning to flow.

Warm up and coordinate moves with your breathing for easier stretching. 

Level 1

How To Flow With Unique OctoForce Moves

Learn how to weight shift and flow within back and forth moves.

Plus have a blast by experimenting with moves that are unique to OctoForce.

Level 2

How To Become Long And Strong

Open your shoulders, chest, and hips with the Unique OctoForce Figures 8's.

See how to relieve pain, stiffness, and correct posture by engaging tense muscles.

Level 3

How To Utilise RopeFlow  Patterns

Get your body into a calorie-burning mode with heavy OctoForce flow.

Unleash Your Creativity And Build Your Personal Practice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3515 reviews
John Curtin
Ordered for my Mom

I have 2 Flow Ropes (Hydra and Phoenix), One for home and one to carry with me. While visiting my mom in FL, she became very interested in what I was doing when I was working out with the rope. Since it is a low impact work out and a great way to get the full body moving, I thought it would be a good addition to her walking for fitness.
She is just starting out, and if she finds it as easy and enjoyable as I do, I hope it will help with her mobility and balance.
I love my ropes for the quality and craftsman ship, and they are a fun and easy way for me to work out doing something I really enjoy.

Dr. Glenn Gero
Good workout and fun to use

I have many exercise options and workout everyday. The Octomoves gives me more variety and another dimension to my workout selections. I'm enjoying using it several times a week.

Alexandra Grayson
Octomoves keeps getting better

Love all my ropes and the new products that make the experience better and more effective.

Anne (Flowing for so many reasons)
Flowing with Quality

Octomoves is a quality flow rope! I have four different ropes from their collection and love everyone! I was impressed with my first rope so much, that I purchased the others and the Phoenix and Krackin are my most recent. I love to tutorials and support is what customer service ought to be! Quality product with superb support, what more could you ask for! Worth every penny!

Kim Vines
Wonderfully Soulful

This is a piece of zen for my health and well being, I actually love it 🥰 Thank you Octomoves🙏❤️

Christopher Brown
Flow rope

Great product love it so far glad I decided to go with this product!!


Unlock new moves, blow up your muscle power, and challenge yourself to level up your flow routine.

✓ 1 lbs (+Rope ±1lbs)

✓ Free delivery from $65 (2-5 business days)*

✓ 30-day money-back guarantee 

"Takes ropeflow into a new category

I got into rope flow to work on back pain and found it super beneficial for the mind and body. It’s been great cardio. The force adds an element of strength to the foundational movements of rope flow (such as figure 8) ‘forcing’ you to engage your core and spine. There’s a smaller learning curve if you’ve already used a rope and it’s very rewarding when you get the hang of it. Looking forward to seeing how this tool effects the fitness industry ⚡️"

Kareem Fawzy (@flow.atom)